Craps is the most common gambling game with dice. Crapsee is the most flexible craps game available online or in App form for your ANDROID or Apple device. Play alone on a private table to practice your game or play with friends to see who has the best strategies. Crapsee does it all for you. Imagine playing the same table dice rolls with friends who are on their iPhone, Android phone and/or their tablet, laptop or computer. It doesn't matter how they connect, now you can all play the same table and compare real time!


The Crapsee TRADITIONAL version of Craps is the same version as is played in casinos around the world. With Crapsee, you can customize the craps layout to how you like to play. Want the 12 to pay triple in the field, go right ahead. Really, you can customize Crapsee to play or to look like your hometown casino to practice your betting strategies before hitting the real table.


The crapless game is becoming more and more available at various casinos around the world. You can open a table and select crapless to give it a go before hitting the real tables.


With Traditional or Crapless, you can set Crapsee to collect the VIG on the win or to take payment up front. Set it like your hometown casino and practice the game like you would play.


We all know when you play the Bubble Craps machines, that are popping up in casinos everywhere, they pay you to the penny. Well, Crapsee can do that to the dollar like they do at the real craps tables. The choice is yours.


Want to roll real dice? No problem, Crapsee has three options for Dice Rolls. Use our proprietary Dice Roll Generator to have fair dice rolled for you. You can use this on demand by simply pressing the roll button, or, you can set the dice to roll at any interval. You can also select the dice rolls you roll at home. That's right, roll the dice at home and enter your results and Crapsee will pay you accordingly.


Once you are a Crapsee member, you can set up, or "Open" any number of craps tables to practice your game. You can keep the table running for as long as you like. This helps you keep track of the different settings and the different strategies you use for each of these settings. You can also set up or join a group table. Up to 12 players can “belly up” to a group table. Set up a Friday Night game with your friends. Take turns rolling real dice or just use Crapsee's proprietary Random Dice Generator.
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